2016 Reflections on our year

2016 Reflections. This year, for so many reasons outside our family, has been life-changing.

Oddly, within our family, it hasn’t been the life-changer we thought it would be as we went into 2016. Far from it.

This is a post of our year.

JanuaryGaddings DamWe started the year in Todmorden, seeing the year in with good friends. Reflecting on the year ahead. The option to take redundancy had been accepted and confirmed.

Birthdays were, as always, in abundance. Mr J, B & E adding a new number to their status.

FebruaryIntroducing Chase, the French Bulldog PuppyWe welcomed Chase into our family. Oh my. Reinforcing the decision to introduce new pets needs to be a careful one. Mr J and I agree that there has been so much more laughter in our home since Chase arrived. Miller has been brought out of himself.

But yes, Chase chews things. Chase has a detector on pieces of value. He will ignore toys the children care not for. Chase targets Skylanders. He can extract them from boxes and chew the base from the character. He will find my favourite pens and make up brushes. Oh, and remote controls.

MarchTrunki funCM scored another year under her belt. Mummy remains unforgiven for choosing a Chessington adventure instead of hosting a birthday party. I will never make that mistake again.

AprilFortune1st April- I received confirmation of appointment. After accepting redundancy and then agreeing to stay beyond my notice period I wrote a list. My list contained what I wanted in a job. It turned out it was the job I had been doing since September. So I applied for it. My length of service continues to haunt me.

MaySiblings May 2016I finally learned to use my camera in manual. I finally took a photo I loved for every reason.

JuneWater babiesOne of the besties turned 40. I finally went on a spa break. And I finally get it. I can’t believe how much better I felt. And as always, I’ve never laughed so much. Add to that a bit of hero-worship from the children for finding out that one of mummy’s friends has an outdoor pool. My work here is done.

JulyTwins at 5The end of the school year. And of so much more. The last year of infants for CM- so much, and just another year. A decision taken with the school to separate the boys as they moved into year 1. So much.

August2016 ReflectionsAugust was an odd month. Not least for it being another year under my belt. A good friend sent a necklace which I have worn more or less ever day since. Just to remember. We had so many adventures. For the first time since children I had two consecutive weeks off work. Bliss.

SeptemberBecoming twins in separate classesDeep breaths were needed for the first day at school more than any other first day. CM went into the other playground for Juniors. The boys in different lines for their different classes. I needed my own deep breath as I went back to uni for the third time. 

OctoberFirst day as a Professional Doctorate StudentOctober drowned me. I completed my first module at university and found it hard to understand how much it drained me completely. 

NovemberMerry Christmas 2016November was such a great month for all of us. All three are thriving at school- for completely different reasons. Each of us had some great opportunities from this wonderful blog- including some fantastic toy reviews, a visit to Hamley’s, River Cottage, as well as the addition of a washing machine and tumble drier. Work- well, interesting as always. 

December2016 ReflectionsJust when you think you’re not sure where things are at, December arrives. Truth be told, I’m no clearer. That thing which subsumes most of my life continues to defeat me. But fortunately I finished work the week before Christmas and all is well with the world. My three little people continue to defeat me and astound me in equal measure. Mr J continues as the fourth child in our family, whilst simultaneously offering strength for me to lean on.

I’m no wiser than I’ve ever been on what the new year has in store. I can only hope that it will be as near as kind to us as 2016.

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