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    Re-grounding – of friendship

    I wrote last week about regrouping, about my apparent regular need to take timeout for me. Me in a regrouping sense is five. My children and husband are now the me…

  • Keep Up With The Jones Family Photography Workshop


    It feels odd to have not blogged for some time. There have been posts, but they’re ones to which I’ve committed. I’ve not felt like I’ve had the time to give.…

  • Jamie's Italian Breakfast Half Monty

    Breakfast at Jamie’s Italian, Cardiff

    An invitation to breakfast should never be turned down. I think it’s a rule I never knew existed. It was enforced when we received an invitation for breakfast at Jamie’s Italian…

  • Spa Breaks by Phoebe Dill

    Appreciating spa breaks with Simply Be

    For some reason the idea of spa breaks never really did it for me. In my head there were many reasons. I’m not a particular fan of physical contact with complete…

  • The Crucible Tour

    The Crucible at the New Theatre, Cardiff

    Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a tale for all times. Whilst written to the backdrop of the McCarthy witch-hunts, The Crucible draws upon the Salem witch trials as its muse. Telling the story of…