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  • Gin, Clique and DMs

    Gin, Clique and DMs #LittleLoves

    It’s been a ridiculously busy week this week, which for some reason means I do better at blogging because I need the escape more. It ended up having the highest highs…

  • Mokuru Fidget Craze

    The original MOKURU – the new craze in toys

    It didn’t take long for our school to notify parents that fidget spinners weren’t welcome in school. It wasn’t a surprise really. The craze saw my children completed committed to how…

  • Chivers Term Footwear

    Back to school with Term Footwear

    I didn’t, and still don’t, want to be that parent who parents by gender. With my first-born I appreciated how ‘boys’ toys are better than girls. I steered toward neutral. I…

  • Blog

    Re-grounding – of friendship

    I wrote last week about regrouping, about my apparent regular need to take timeout for me. Me in a regrouping sense is five. My children and husband are now the me…

  • Keep Up With The Jones Family Photography Workshop


    It feels odd to have not blogged for some time. There have been posts, but they’re ones to which I’ve committed. I’ve not felt like I’ve had the time to give.…