Hi, I’m Debbie,

Thank you for stopping by!

This is my little space, in the big wide world. A place where I come as a distraction from work- to remember why I work.

It’s a place where I can record my children growing up- in words, in pictures and on film.

Because I am a mummy, to a seven year-old daughter, and six year-old twin boys. And they make my world. Them, and my husband.

My husband has given up a lot for our little family. We now live in South Wales, having moved from his hometown in West Yorkshire when the boys were 6 months- because we needed my mum and dad (and I really needed my mum!).

We moved here with our cocker spaniel, Miller, and two cats- Fred & Ginger. Since then we’ve added Jewelly, our daughter’s black cat, and most recently, Chase, a french bulldog, who joined our family last year.

And you’ll find a lot of them on here, and a lot of my other loves- theatre, reading, baking – and I acquire stationery and crockery as my not-so-easy-to-hide loves.


And this is our happy.

Maybe not happy ever after, that’s something we have to work at.

But we make happy.

Appreciating the good times

This is our story, our life.

An organised mess.

It’s our normal.

Our adventures.

So, welcome, I hope, like us, you might stay a while. x

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